Absence of wife during Funeral Ceremony Of Legend Raper Yama Buddha

Legend Raper Yama Buddha-Nepal

During the funeral ceremony of Yama Buddha; also known as the legend Raper Of Nepal there was absence of his wife while his parents was in deep sorrow with eyes full of tears.

All the participants in the funeral ceremony was with full of sorrow while his body was placed in Pragya Pratishan;Kathmandu for the condolence. His mother;Urmila Adhikari made all the participants in deep sorrow while she cried continuously. With her unconscious mind; she asked her husband that why Yama is not listening my words.Likewise his father;Ambika Parsad Adhikari was also totally in deep sorrow of the uncertainty death of his son.His father’s eyes ran out with tears near the box of his dead body while receiving the death body of Yama.

Although he was feeling too weak; he was trying to control his wife who is still unable to believe the death of his son.Also sister of Yama was also controlling her mother.His body was brought to Nepal after he committed suicide in bathroom of his own house in London after two weeks.

But unfortunately; his wife Astima Sedai was not present in the final funeral ceremony of Late Anil Adhikari (Yama Buddha).

Who is Asmita Sedai?

Yama married Asmita Sedai in 2013 A.D. which was love marriage. As per the information; 25 years old Asmita has hold the citizenship of London who is used to stay with her parents.Yama entered London in Spouse Visa(so called dependent Visa) in 2014.Asmita have completed degree in Civil Engineering from Coventry University.Asmita is used to work there and Yama was doing up and down from London to Nepal. Asmita was used to stay with her parents and her brother.

The uncertain death of Anil Adhikari(Yama buddha) made his fans in a deep shock.Although it has been proved that it was a suicide during the postmark; his fans are not ready to belive the bitter fact. Whatever had happened Anil Adhikari is no more with us.

Although Anil Adhikari left us; Yama Buddha will be with us via his composition. Nepal has lost a valuable icon and the loss is irreparable.



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