Cover video Dali Dali Ful Fulyo…released by GN Media, Fukuoka

Cover song video Dali Dali Ful…

GN Media, Fukuoka recently released the cover song video name Dali Dali Ful Fulyo from Nepali Movie Dui Thopa Aashu. GN Media is a newly established organization and they in progress period now a days. This video is edited by Gyamjo Lama, who is the incharge of GN Media and president of Nepal Japan Youth Hands Association.


Photo: Gyamjo Lama, video editor.

The cover video is done by Female artist, Sushila Gurung and Male Artist, Suman Nepali. And directed by Bal Thapa on camera side and photography is done by Bikram Purja and Raju Mamba. Photography as well as direction is well done by itself, we hope in future they will produce more quality and good taste of product. 

Artist: Sushila Gurung                     Artist:Suman Nepali

Camera: Bikram Purja and Raju Mamba

Edit: Gyamjo Lama

Direction: Bal Thapa

Artist: Sushila Gurung and Suman Nepali


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