Loot 2 Nepali Movie-Grand Premier in Ohashi and Oogori,Fukuoka !!

Loot 2 Grand Premier in Fukuoka

10th March-Minami Cimin Center, Oohashi, Fukuoka

11th March- Oitai, Ogoori, Fukuoka

Loot 2 is a sequel of the most famous and popular nepali movie loot. Its release date is already published and going to be released on 24th February, 2017. And 24th February is the day of famous nepali festival Maha Shivaratri. The film is directed by Nischal Basnet and produced by Madhav Wagle and Narandra Maharjan.The teaser of the loot-2 is already released on 31st May of 2016. Here is the official Teaser……

The Grand Premier of Nepali Movie loot 2 in Ogoori, Fukuoka is going to be organized by the ABS Entertainment and Ohashi, Fukuoka is going to be organized by JRP. The story revolves round the title itself. Haku Kale & Gofle are the main character of the film and loved by many Nepalese audiences. There is a huge challenge to the movie makers of Loot 2 based on its previous success. Loot2 is one of the most awaited and expected movie of Nepali Film Industry.

For details of venue, contact person and ticket rate, please have a look below at flyer and ticket .


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Name of the Movie: Loot 2

Direction: Nischal Basnet

Producer: Madhav Wagle and Narendra Maharjan

Cast: Dayahang Rai, Saugat Malla, Reecha Sharma, Sushilaraj Pandey

Editor: Surendra Poudel

Cinematographer: Purushottam Pradhan

Music: Kaliprasad Baskota, Roshan


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