Mobile set to be given for 20 lucky participants of Tamang Lhoshar

19th Feb, Fukuoka

artist-tamang-lhosharMobile Set  to be provided for the participants of Tamang Lhoshar Festival

The organizer of Lhoshar Festival has announced that they will be providing 20 mobile sets for the lucky participants according to the lucky draw system from the tickets. President of Nepal Tamang Society Kyushu Regional Committee Fukuoka Bishnu Tamang said that there are some conditions to be eligible getting the prizes. The participants should either make the new agreement with Softbank or should change to Softbank from other companies.  Also he mentioned that for details information you can directly make the contact with him.

Preparation of Program

The organizer team notified the preparation is almost completed for the program. All the guests from Nepal have arrived in Tokyo for the Tokyo program. The secretary from Kyushu Regional Committee Gyamjo Lama is in Tokyo now for the participation of the Tokyo program. He will be landing in Fukuoka with Nepali Guest at Fukuoka on 20th Feb. The organizer said that they will be doing site seeing of Fukuoka with the guest from Nepal on morning 21st Feb and the program will be on the evening according to the schedule.


Fukuoka-shi Chuoku Nakasu 3-7-24

GATE’S 3rd Floor

Time: 5 pm to 10 pm


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