Oohasi Group Won the LADS FUTSAL tournament held in Fukuoka


Fukuoka 19th Feb: 2017

Fukuoka-Oohashi Group Won the cup


Among  16 teams Fukuoka-oohashi Group won the Futusal tournament organized by TENJIN LADS CLUB,Fukuoka . Oohashi Group defeated Koydai group with 5-4 on the final match held on  Matsusima futsal court. Oohashi Group and Koydai was facing each other for the first time in the history of Futsal tournament held in fukuoka. The final game was going quite interesting as both teams were strong.


The winner team of the tournament got he ransom amount of 222,222 yen with trophy and medals and the first runner up was awarded with 111,111 yen with trophy and medals to the players.

Coach Sandesh K.C of Oohasi group received the trophy of the winner and team manager received the cheque of the winning amount. Most of  the supporters of Oohashi was present to see the final game of the tournament. Coach stated that due to the good team work and passion they are able to kiss the trophy of LADS FUTSAL TOURNAMENT. He also said that he would like to thanks all the sponsors and supports of Oohashi group for the support during the match and also take the hope to get further supports in future too. Team manager said that all the credits goes to the players of Oohashi who played the game with their passion and also would like to thanks all the well wishers of Oohashi group.


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