Hamro Nepal Hami Nepali Abhiyan, Fukuoka

Fukuoka 26th Feb 2017

Student Orientation Program by Hamro Nepal Hami Nepali Abhiyan, Fukuoka, Japan


Hamro Nepal Hami Nepali Meeting

The new established Nepali organization “HAMRO NEPAL HAMI NEPALI ABHIYAN” has decided to organize the student orientation Program for the betterment of living life style in Japan as on 30th of June 2017. Although the name for the program has been given as Student program; it will be targeting all the Nepalese community who are staying in Fukuoka with their own aspects like business,work and etc…

The meeting held on 26th Feb at Yoshizuka on the co-ordination of Mr.Dharma Raj Adhikari kept the agenda for the orientation program and was supported by all the members who were present in the meeting on the day. According to him the main theme for the program will be as follows:
1. The future,challanges and opportunities for the the students who are studying in Japan and the basic ideas to deal with the problems.
2. Scope of Japanese language and other technical and non technical studies in Japan
3. Rising prospective of employment and business in Japanese society for foreign students
4. Fundamentals of sound and secure life for Nepalese community in Japan.


Meeting of Hamro Nepal Hami Nepali ongoing…

Purpose of the Orientation Program

The purpose of the symposium will focus to analyze the situation of our Nepalese community in Japan especially student community and motivate them or change their heart and mind towards more realistic and progressive life career. We belive that this symposium will make the studetnts to be in disciplined line and work hard in their study and works said the co-ordinator. Also he added that this symposium which is going to be held in Fukuoka is expecting that it will force all of us to think a road map of our achievement and lifestyle in Japan.

The program is going to be conducted with the co-ordination of all the Nepalese Organizations of Fukuoka Japan and also their will be the guests members from embassy and key note speakers from Nepal. According to the co-ordinator of program the details of the program schedule and the name of the speakers will be published soon.


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