Rabindra Mishra leaves BBC to enter politics


Rabindra Mishra has left the BBC to enter into Politics

Radio journalist Rabindra Mishra has left Nepali radio provider of BBC to enter into politics with a new birthday celebration.

Issuing a press release, Mishra referred to that he has decided to kind a new political party with a hope that Nepalis pissed off via the many years of egocentric, extractive, pretentious and non-clear politics would assist him.

“Our goal is to create a typical platform to assemble honest and competent Nepalis from all walks of existence for the sake of clean politics to seriously change Nepal,” talked about Mishra.

“by bringing a large variety of like-minded Nepalis collectively, we trust that we are going to no longer purely be developing just one more political birthday party that allows you to come into existence however can not ever lead the nation against prosperity. in its place, it could be the upward thrust of a leadership that takes the country firmly against the path of total transformation” he added.

Mishra informed that a bunch of dedicated people had for long been worried in ideological and strategic deliberations in this regard and claimed that this group has now received the self belief to translate their work into action.

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