Board Meeting of Kyushu Nepal Friendship Association

19th March 2017

Board Meeting

The third board meeting of Kyushu Nepal Friendship Association(KNFA) for this year was held in ASUMIN at Tenjin, Fukuoka. The main agenda for this meeting was related on the 7th Baisakhi Mela which is going to be held on 8th and 9th of April 2017 at Tenjin Central Park, Fukuoka. And also there was the discussion in other agendas as follows too:


  1. Discussion regarding general meeting which is to be held on June 2017
  2. Regarding expansion of student membership of the organization.
  3. Discussion on events held and to be done in future.
  4. Condition of Nepalese Society in present and future plans.

During the meeting; Secretary of KNFA Mr Miyazaki said that the every individuals and the leader from every departments should owe their responsibilities and complete the work in time for the success of the program in the greater way. Else it will be too difficult to organize the program in the next coming years. Every participants of the meeting had taken the oath to co-operate from their side for the successful completion of the Baisakhi Mela(Nepal Festival).



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