A Dad-and-Daughter excursion to Nepal

Mike and Lilliana Libecki in in the Khumbu/Solukhumbu/Sagarmatha Zone within the Himalayas in Nepal. photo with the aid of Andy Earl.

Gregg Treinish and his team at event Scientists carry us experiences from around the world about adventuring with aim. team member Victoria Ortiz interviewed countrywide Geographic Explorer Mike Libecki about accumulating microplastics samples for event Scientists’ worldwide Microplastics Initiative whereas on a humanitarian excursion to Nepal with his 13-yr-ancient daughter. via Victoria Ortiz

event Scientist and countrywide Geographic Explorer Mike Libecki desires to complete 100 expeditions by the time he’s one hundred years historical. He additionally strives to be the premiere father on earth. And for the creative and passionate father, both desires are not at the same time unique.

In June of 2016, Mike and his 13-yr-historic daughter Lilliana trekked a hundred and fifty+ miles in the Himalayas in Nepal for “superb humanitarian efforts, event, and supreme pleasure.” Their incredible crew captured the adventure to distribute photo voltaic gadget, Dell computers, a divvy water filtration device, and gifts to monasteries, faculties, and clinical clinics in a brief film accurately dubbed “Rays of joy.”

Nepal_rays_of_joyalongside the way they gathered water and scat samples for experience Scientists global Microplastics Initiative and world Microbe examine. We caught up with Mike and Lilliana to ask them about their day trip and traveling as a dad-and-daughter team.

“Any real explorer or adventurer is additionally someone giving again and making efforts to improved the high-quality of lifetime of our planet and americans.” – Lilliana



Lilliana teaches students how to use their new Dell computers. Photo by Mike Libecki.









Libeck Lilliana teaches students a way to use their new Dell computers. image with the aid of Mike Libecki

VO: Why did you propose this day trip, and why Nepal (apart from the epic mountaineering)?ML: This day trip to Nepal turned into my daughter’s theory. After her commute to Africa ultimate 12 months to climb Kilimanjaro and do humanitarian work at orphanages, she turned into a changed adult.  She desires to do her part to assist the americans and planet.  This become her third day trip, and she or he has now been to 21 nations and all seven continents. She loves to explore and commute, and really believes that we need to be the change we are looking to see.

Mike and Lilliana Libecki, photo with the aid of Andy Earl

VO: You had been an adventurer and recommend for event Scientists for a long time. became this trip the primary time you and your daughter gathered records collectively?ML: yes, this turned into the primary commute that we gathered samples together. We have been satisfied to aid gather water samples and scat samples with experience Scientists for efforts against holding our mom Earth healthy. we’re planning on gathering these samples and anything else we are able to do on each commute we do, comparable to right through our upcoming trips to Antarctica, Peru, Greenland, Afghanistan and others.

VO: What changed into the most impactful moment of this expedition for you?ML: The most powerful single second for me turned into in a beautiful crazy storm at 18,000 toes as we had been mountaineering as much as Lobuche East. Seeing her focal point, optimism, braveness, and especially her advantageous angle turned into particular and incredible.

Lilliana and crew teaches school children how to operate their new computers. Photo Andy Earl.

Lilliana and crew teaches school babies the way to operate their new computer systems. photograph Andy Earl

basic, I adored seeing my daughter Lilliana, now 13 years historic, being a part of a team and our international community, interacting with youngsters her age and educating them a way to use the brand new computer systems she introduced, and the camaraderie and pleasure with that.  It’s marvelous to see her find her passion to aid americans and our planet.

VO: What’s it want to be on an excursion together?ML: It’s now not just a daddy/daughter crew; we are partners on these journeys like the leisure of the crew.  She is getting to know so a great deal from these very precise lifestyles experiences. i am totally inspired with the aid of my daughter, and my hope is that the area will be too. She inspires me to encourage her.

Lilliana receives a blessing from Lama Geshe in Namche. Photo by Andy Earl.

Lilliana receives a blessing from Lama Geshe in Namche. photo by using Andy Earl “In a global where we may also be and do the rest, be type and do first rate.” – Lilliana Libecki


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