Social Media and Its Role

social media

Age of Globalization and Communication

It is the age of globalization and communication. Like, we need basic needs to live our daily life. Same as we can say communication social media can be taken as one of them. Email, Facebook, online shopping, twitter, E-sewa etc. are some examples of social media. It has great influence in each and every life. As world is influence by it , our country Nepal is also one of them. Nepal is developing country but in case of social media, it is also more developed. Every generation has been influenced by it.

Public Opportunities

online shopping

Public Opportunities and Awareness  by Internet and social Media

Now a days , in Nepal it is creating lots of opportunities in public. In business it is playing vital role to uplift it’s market in world. Like by using social media  online shopping , we can deal with various customer of world which is helping business man to developed their business in world and unemployed are getting chance to earn income and it is helping to uplift their standard of living. We can’t ignore the role of it for the economic development of the country. About 50 % of economic development of country has been supported by social media.

Public Awareness

Social Media is playing main role in creating awareness among public like it provide information about health, education, political issues etc. Students can get education through online. We can pay electricity bills, recharge and various other expenses through online payment like E-sewa, remittance, IME etc. It is saving time of busy schedule of our life, which is also providing business and employment opportunities to various people. Each day our government earns thousands rupees of tax through this. From education field many students are getting chance to work as RJ, VJ, Journalist helped by education of social media. If we have to explain about social media and opportunities in Nepal we can’t ignore dedication of rapid economic development of country .

Bad Cultures among New Generation

Every coin have it’s two sides. Similarly, social media also have merits and demerits. It is increasing influence of bad cultures among new generation. They are becoming worm of social media day by day which is degrading their education , social lives etc. But if we can create effective awareness about importance of social media , it is guaranteed we can raise our education field in world and rank our country as developed country of world within few years.

Opportunities are not river which flow regularly but it is stone of bank of sea valued as diamond getting only by chance. So, if we can grab opportunities from social media in our country we can raise of economic ,social aspects of our life.


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