Gaijin word: good or bad?

My Name is Gaijin

My name is gaijin, yes I’m gaijin because my identity is foreigner in Japan. Some Japanese people called me gaijin san or gaijin. Japanese people think about gaijin is just a short way of saying gaikokujin. Who have a big body and also have black and white skin color. Recently the number of foreigners is increasing more and more.

Culture Barrier

But there is culture barrier between the Japanese and foreigners. It is might be words to use as foreigners. It’s something like gaijinkokujinhakujin words and so on. It’s pretty good to listen to adult. But when they use to foreigners kids it’s really a kind of humiliation.

 Is gaijin a bad word?

I have 2 questions: is gaijin a bad word? And what Japanese people think of foreign country? Yes it’s a bad word for international people. It’s bad for foreigner’s kids, also bad for Japanese because gaijin is bad word but it’s could be better when they saying gaikoku jin or gaijin san. Foreigners already know about gaijin is bad word for themselves.

Gaijin is not good word to Everybody

Let’s think about other way, Japanese people are also gaijin too. When we think opposite position. So gaijin is not good word to everybody. We made this word just for humiliation to people. In my request please don’t say me gaijin because I have already identity to show you.


Written by: Shrestha Bikash , Kyushu Sangyo University , Fukuoka, Japan



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