Online News Media and Its Influence to the Public


Online News Media and Today’s generation

Today’s generation is the generation of Internet and Technology. Along with the use of modern technologies and the internet facilities online news media is quite famous between maximum of us. Not just about the particular websites, online news media is linked with almost all of the social sites like Facebook, Twitter etc. Due to their connection with those kind of social sites we don’t have to go and search with the particular web addresses which saves our time and won’t put us in the place of boredom. So online news media is becoming more popular to people.
Some of the online news like Setopati, BBC News, e-kantipur and so on, are few of the online news which are famous between our Nepali society. They deliver news more quickly than TV and radios. Nowadays we prefer to go for online news rather than switching on the TV and radio. Some years ago, due to the earthquake our country was badly effected which leaded to no electricity for some countable days. At that time, online news were easier way to get the news because people was not able to see the news by TV or radio. We found ourselves gazing into the cell phones or laptops to gain the news. Not only this, there are lots of examples about the good effect of online news of which we can feel it personally.

Negative parts of the Online News Media

As we know that, along with the positive part there comes negative part also. Even this online news is effective for every individuals, there are some negative parts included along with the good side of it. Most of us are informed that every news which are provided through online or even in TV and radio programs are not true. There are some news which are fake. But most of us believe it quickly just because those fake news are came from the NEWS. For example, the death of the movie or TV stars or singers! We all are not unaware of those kinds of news and we believe it quickly also as long as another proof of the fake news has not been launched.
There are multiple numbers of examples we can see by our own about those types of fake news. News are for providing information to the unknown ones. But some of the humans goes against the feelings of the people. It’s not about the education and the way of living styles, it’s about the thinking of people. Sometimes it is happened by mistake but sometime it is done deliberately in order to take revenge of the respected person.
We are not aware about the things going on in this world but we should be aware of the fake news. Otherwise it can add a mess to our life.

Major Problem to Daily Life Styles

With the growing rate of internet users, people are being so fond of online news which is becoming a major problem to our daily life style. Although going through the current news and gaining information from it well but most of us spend our more than enough time to read the news. Another additional part for this type of outcome is due to social sites. Links of the online news are linked with the social sites and there some another pages of the social sites mixed those news with attractive languages which attracts people feels as they are compelled to open the news sites and read the news. Like this people spend most of the time searching for the more news which results into the lack of time to do another stuffs which becomes sometimes a hilarious thing to listen. Such as becoming late for offices and colleges, burns their meals, foods turn out cold are some of the examples. There are many more related with this.


To conclude, everything has both positive and negative parts. We should be aware and we shouldn’t run blindly behind everything without the proper information. And the management of time is highly needed for us.

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