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Online News Media and Its Influence to the Public

online news media

Today’s generation is the generation of Internet and Technology. Along with the use of modern technologies and the internet facilities online news media is quite famous between maximum of us. Not just about the particular websites, online news media is linked with almost all of the social sites like Facebook, Twitter etc. Due to their connection with those kind of social sites we don’t have to go and search with the particular web addresses which saves our time and won’t put us in the place of boredom. So online news media is becoming more popular to people.

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Gaijin word: good or bad?

My Name is Gaijin My name is gaijin, yes I’m gaijin because my identity is foreigner in Japan. Some Japanese people called me gaijin san or gaijin. Japanese people think about gaijin is just a short way of saying gaikokujin. Who have a big body and also have black and white skin color. Recently the number of foreigners is increasing more and more. Culture Barrier But there is culture barrier between the

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Social Media and Its Role

social media

Age of Globalization and Communication It is the age of globalization and communication. Like, we need basic needs to live our daily life. Same as we can say communication social media can be taken as one of them. Email, Facebook, online shopping, twitter, E-sewa etc. are some examples of social media. It has great influence in each and every life.

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A Dad-and-Daughter excursion to Nepal

Mike and Lilliana Libecki in in the Khumbu/Solukhumbu/Sagarmatha Zone within the Himalayas in Nepal. photo with the aid of Andy Earl. Gregg Treinish and his team at event Scientists carry us experiences from around the world about adventuring with aim. team member Victoria Ortiz interviewed countrywide Geographic Explorer Mike Libecki about accumulating microplastics samples for event Scientists’ worldwide Microplastics Initiative whereas on a humanitarian excursion to Nepal with his 13-yr-ancient

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How to vote in local level elections in Nepal-check video?

local level elction

Now not best the individuals of standard public but the Election commission (EC) itself has acknowledged that people could have confusion about the ballot papers and the right option to vote within the upcoming local stage polls. In a bid to acquaint americans with electoral symbols forward of the may also 14 polling, the Election commission on Thursday started imparting

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Haribahadur, nobel, launched

The event on Saturday started off with a performance featuring Acharya himself, the place he acted out a skit as a book salesman before being grilled by an actor impersonating Rishi Dhamala. After the publication’s legit launch, Acharya engaged in a discussion with author Buddhisagar. Buddhisagar, speaking concerning the e-book, mentioned, “There had been observations made that Nepali novels are getting

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