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Gaijin word: good or bad?

My Name is Gaijin My name is gaijin, yes I’m gaijin because my identity is foreigner in Japan. Some Japanese people called me gaijin san or gaijin. Japanese people think about gaijin is just a short way of saying gaikokujin. Who have a big body and also have black and white skin color. Recently the number of foreigners is increasing more and more. Culture Barrier But there is culture barrier between the

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Hamro Nepal Hami Nepali Abhiyan, Fukuoka

Fukuoka 26th Feb 2017 Student Orientation Program by Hamro Nepal Hami Nepali Abhiyan, Fukuoka, Japan The new established Nepali organization “HAMRO NEPAL HAMI NEPALI ABHIYAN” has decided to organize the student orientation Program for the betterment of living life style in Japan as on 30th of June 2017. Although the name for the program has been given as Student program;

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Mobile set to be given for 20 lucky participants of Tamang Lhoshar

19th Feb, Fukuoka Mobile Set  to be provided for the participants of Tamang Lhoshar Festival The organizer of Lhoshar Festival has announced that they will be providing 20 mobile sets for the lucky participants according to the lucky draw system from the tickets. President of Nepal Tamang Society Kyushu Regional Committee Fukuoka Bishnu Tamang said that there are some conditions

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Oohasi Group Won the LADS FUTSAL tournament held in Fukuoka


Fukuoka 19th Feb: 2017 Fukuoka-Oohashi Group Won the cup Among  16 teams Fukuoka-oohashi Group won the Futusal tournament organized by TENJIN LADS CLUB,Fukuoka . Oohashi Group defeated Koydai group with 5-4 on the final match held on  Matsusima futsal court. Oohashi Group and Koydai was facing each other for the first time in the history of Futsal tournament held in fukuoka.

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Feb 18th 2017 Fukuoka,Japan New established futsal club TENJIN LADS CLUB is going to organize the futsal program sponsored by Kyodai Remittance,Japan ,nanglo ghar, buddha restaurant, bajeko sekuwa and maya restaurant.  Likely 16 nepali teams will be participating in the match. And still the entry is going on. Preparation and Price Aayush one of the member from the organizer informed

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Tamang’s Sonam Lhoshar to be held on Fukuoka, 21st February

9th Feb: Fukuoka Japan Nepal Tamang Society Kyushu Regional Committee Fukuoka Japan has planned to organize the Lhoshar Festival on the occasion of Tamang’s New Year 2853 according to the Manju Shree Calendar.   The program is going to be held on February 21 (Tuesday) on GATE’S 3rd floor which lies in Fukuoka Chuoku Nakasu. Events on the day Organizer is

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