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Fukuoka is a city that incorporates each the modern refined period as smartly as the oriental richness of Japan. Festivities and nature play a big half in the great thing about Fukuoka, however at the same time, the dynamic metropolis existence provides a splash of glamour to it. One such contemporary landmark within the city is the Fukuoka Tower. The Fukuoka Tower is a seaside tower alongside the Hakata Bay and boasts to be the tallest seaside tower in Japan standing at a height of 234m. the exterior is coated with 8000 half mirrored panels and that makes it stand out amongst the skyline of Fukuoka metropolis.

Fukuoka Tower has been constructed on land reclaimed from the sea, which makes it a little bit liable to earthquakes. however the architects state that it will possibly face up to tremors as much as 7 on the Richter scale, as it has a foundation weighing 25,000 tons! Fukuoka Tower has three commentary decks, which you reach to the usage of excessive-pace elevators: one at 116m, a café lounge deck at 120m and the optimum at 123 meters above the floor. The view from the observatory deck at the top is with ease breathtaking. that you may seem to be out over to see the unbelievable sea, and a number of islands speckled over the blue picturesque ocean. And on the other aspect, witness the metropolis in its tranquil and calm.

Beautiful view of Mountain-Nepal


Nepali song- Dali Dali ful fulyo coming soon…

Dali Dali ful fulyo song going to be released by GN media, Fukuoka, Japan.

Everyone is busy in japan and some of our Nepalese friends used their valuable time and recorded this song. Here is a small clip, for full song,  Please look forward to the release date. GN Media, Fukuoka going to be released the full song near soon…..

Camera: Bikram Purja and Raju Mamba

Edit: Gyamjo Lama

Direction: Bal Thapa

Artist: Sushila Gurung and Suman Nepali

[wpvideo W4aXi0sW]

Beauty of Nepal-once is not enough!

[wpvideo YXwpBNRr]

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